Friday, May 26, 2017

Last Week Fun!

The last week of school is always a blast! Everyday, the first grade has been popping a balloon to reveal a new surprise for the day! On Monday, the students made a bubble blowers that create really cool bubble snakes!

On Tuesday we went outside to create some art! The students took to the playground to watch the paint slide!

On Wednesday, the rain held off so we could enjoy a scavenger hunt and picnic outside!

On Thursday, I put the students to work as they cleaned the room! Of course this included shaving cream on desks again! They also built an amazingly tall tower!

Today (Friday) the students created a craft, watched a movie, and are enjoying a field day as I type! I feel so blessed to have been able to work with these students this past year. They are an amazing group of kids, and I can't wait to watch them grow. I pray daily that God will do great things in their life. Have a wonderful summer!

Friday, May 19, 2017


Monday and Tuesday this week were filled with last days of school activities for the kindergartners! We made memory pages, cleaned desks with shaving cream, field day games, and practiced for graduation! Tuesday night was the big night! The students did great with walking in,their verses, their skit, and of course throwing their hats! I hope all four of these students have a wonderful summer!!!

In first grade, we have been counting down to the end of the year with special activities everyday. Everyday, the students pop a balloon to reveal the activity of the day!

On Wednesday the students had a balloon day! They played different activities with balloons, made a balloon tower, and brought home balloons filled with kind words. 

 On Thursday, the students had a lemonade day! We made pink and yellow lemonade, and made a chart to show which was out favorite. Pink won! We then made big pitcher of the pink lemonade, and drank it outside while listening to a book.

Friday was Random Acts of Kindness Day. The students all drew and completed different kind activities, and managed to complete them all! As a reward they were able to play human bowling at the end of the day! They also made little surprises to hide around the school for people to find!

Next week is the last week of school! We're all excited to see what fun activities come up these next few days!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Shopping Day!

This was the last full week of school for Kindergarten! Their curriculum is complete, so their time was filled working on science, some supplement math activities, crafts, and work for graduation. They've also been working hard on a writing project that will be displayed at graduation. First grade also completed their phonics curriculum this week! This has allowed us to focus on the books that the students have started to make. I love seeing their stories come together!

In science, the students finished their animal unit by learning about amphibians and birds. Their "Amazing Animal" book is now complete! The students worked on a Mother's Day present the renaming days this week. I better keep it a secret though!

On Tuesday the students has an exciting day! First, they filled their "Good Work Jar", so they were able to have a reward. They didn't have to wear shoes in the classroom all day, and received a treasure from our prize box! Also on Tuesday was the High-school's Econ class fair. Different high-school groups worked together to create different shops for the students to shop at. Each student received $5 (fake money) and were able to choose how to spend it. Their choices included face painting, petting zoo, ice cream, or legos! It was a fun day for the whole school!

I can't believe that next week is the final few days for Kindergarten. I'm so excited for graduation on Tuesday. The student have been working hard to make it special night. I love seeing both grades work together to do something important to them. Have a great weekend, and happy Mother's Day!

Friday, May 5, 2017

Finishing Things Up!

This was a big week in our curriculum! First grade has finished their last Reader Book! We have been working on reading nonfiction about different animals. They also completed their last spelling test. With the extra time, we are excited to start writing our own books! Kindergarten has officially finished all their curriculum! While we may work on a bit of review still, a lot our time next week will be spent preparing for graduation. The students are so excited to show everyone their hard work on May 16th. 

This week, the students have continues to learn about different animals. We learned about mammals and fish this week. It's been exciting to learn fun facts about animals like a polar bear, elephant, gorilla, piranha, and octopus. God definitely made some fascinating animals! The students have been working on taking all that they have learned, and putting it into books. 

Another exciting thing this week was a retirement party on Friday for a well-loved teacher in this school. It was fun to celebrate her with cupcakes and memories. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend. It's hard to believe that Kindergarten only has 5 days left of school, and first grade has 15! Summer will come before we know it!

Friday, April 28, 2017

All God's Creatures

Last Friday, the school took a trip to The Ark Encounter. It was a great day to spend time together, learn more about Noah's Ark, and praising God's work!

In our classroom we're also learning about animals! Erlier this week we talked about different types of animals, habitats, and baby animals. This week we started learning about a wide variety of animals a recording our newly founded facts in our Amazing Animal Book! This week we learned about a king cobra and saltwater crocodile. 

In Kindergarten, the students are finishing up their curriculum! They are learning many different letter blends like "oi", "aw", and "ou". In math we started early fraction work, official first grade work! The students also started working on planning their graduation. They also started practicing their skit for graduation night!

First grade is also working away at the end of their curriculum. They are reviewing a lot of concepts, along with learning some new grammar rules. In math, they are adding hundreds numbers and working on many word problems. 

Next week we will be continuing to work on graduation and learning many new amazing animals. 

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A Much Needed Update!

Between Spring Break and preparing for the Ark Trip, I have not done a very good job of updating the blog! So here is a rundown of what has been going on these past few weeks!

The week before Spring Break, we finished off our unit about bugs. Our little chrysalises hadn't became butterflies yet, but I was able to show the students of one emerging after break! Before break, the student received a special end of semester reward of watching a Veggie Tales movie on a projector!

Also before break, the student each wrote a Bible verse on the unfinished flooring in the cafeteria. It's neat to think that our school is not literally built on the Word!

After break, the students took advantage of the warm weather, and released the butterflies. It was beautiful to watch them all fly away, and a few even landed on the students!

Last week, the first graders went to the Health Fair at BHES. They learned about different food groups, how to stay healthy and safe, and how to exercise!

We started a unit after break about plants. Last week, we learned a little about the parts of a plant by dissecting a flower and labeling it's parts. The students also went outside to see what types of plants surround us at school. This week the students learned how plants grow, and planted their own grass to take care of. They learned about different types of seeds, and different reasons God made plants. The students then used Playdough to mold different parts of a plant life-cycle.

Friday, March 17, 2017

(Almost) a Butterfly!

This title is very misleading. Last week we received some caterpillars to watch grow into caterpillars. This week we have....slightly bigger caterpillars. But our hopes are still high that we will at least see a  chrysalis before spring break!

Besides keeping track of our caterpillars, we have been learning about other bugs as well. On Tuesday we we talked about where different bugs live, as we studied a real hornets nest. The students then worked in teams to draw their own insect habitats.

On Wednesday the first graders learned about spiders, which are not actually insects! Using yarn, they learned how spiders make their web and use vibrations to sense when a bug (or beach ball for us) hits it.

The students learned about bees on Thursday. by acting like busy bees, they learned how bees pollinate flowers. They then learned about how bees drink nectar using straws and apple juice, and of course had a taste of honey that the bees produce.

In phonics and reading this week, the Kindergartners have been learning some new ways that vowels say their names. They learned about "sneaky y and w" and how they sometimes act as vowels. They also learned word families like "_o" and "_e". First grade have been learning about homonyms, rhymes, and letter formats. They each wrote a letter to someone they care about this week.

First grade has been learning some new math concepts as well! They began to add double digit numbers, while splitting the place values. The kindergarten has been learning about measuring with centimeters.

Next week is the last week before break! We will be learning about the season spring (and hoping it doesn't snow!).